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Ian Falconer

Ian Falconer

Ian Falconer is an inventor living and working in Cornwall, UK. He is a graduate of the Camborne School of Mines and Vice President of the Cornish Institute of Engineers. Over two decades working across the natural resources sector 'waste', its elimination, reduction or control has been a fundamental motivation.

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27 February 2017

Exactly what are Fishy Filaments?

Written by Ian Falconer, Posted in Fish Net Blog

Exactly what are Fishy Filaments?

Your product, made from recycled fishing nets is unique and pioneering, is anyone else doing this?

What you will find is that adidas is working with an NGO called Parley on the west coast of the states and have done a demo with some used fishing nets. What they did was they collected some nets and they've done a demo run and with adidas they've produced some sneakers. Those sneakers have been sold at $7,000 a pair. It's not an economic model. It's a PR demo. I'm not doing demos. I'm trying to make a genuine business. It's embedded in the local community that takes waste from local sources and employs local people and then exports a finished product.
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