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Nancy Peterson

Nancy Peterson

Nancy Peterson is a senior consumer-marketing leader in the seafood industry who grows revenue through branding and product development. She establishes and then leads consumer product go-to-market strategy and tactics. Nancy’s professional career includes leadership roles at National Fish & Seafood, Emerging Brands Marketing, and Gorton’s Seafood.

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17 February 2017

Aquaculture America 2017 Presenter: Nancy Peterson

Written by Nancy Peterson, Posted in Fish Net Blog

Aquaculture America 2017 Presenter: Nancy Peterson

How and where did you first start working in seafood industries?

After completing my MBA I networked with a fellow Babson graduate who had taken a position the previous year at Gorton’s in Gloucester MA. He said great things about the company and it seemed a great place to start my marketing career. Honestly my focus was not so much on seafood back then, but that quickly changed!
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