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Colombian industry is making its way into the world of Tilapia

6 Jan 2022 2:31 PM | Anonymous

A recent agreement between GenoMar Genetics and Agroavicola Sanmarino has been signed to distribute tilapia fingerlings in the Huila region.

By: Raul Pajaro Sanchez

A very important agreement has been made between two companies in the tilapia industry to strengthen and deliver a higher quality of tilapia to customers. GenoMar Genetics, with over 30 years of experience in tilapia breeding, and Agroavicola Sanmarino, with 25 years of experience in the poultry industry, will establish a new company in the next few weeks, named GenoMar Genetics Colombia, which has already secured a quarantine and parent stock farm.

This is an important move for the tilapia industry because it gives Colombia a push in the market as it  “is the second to third-largest tilapia producer in Latin America and has a very export-oriented value chain that professionalizes quickly,” said Alejandro Tola Alvarez, CEO of GenoMar Genetics Group.

“Both companies have worked hard and patiently over several years with the vision of bringing genetic innovations and supply security to the Colombian tilapia industry,” he adds. GenoMar, with its presence in Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, and Norway (headquarters) will supply the entire parent stock requirement from their breeding operations in Asia and/or Brazil. They will provide effective support in the day-to-day management of production and distribution using its existing global and Brazilian platforms.

Sanmarino, which is a Colombian poultry genetics distribution company belonging to the Italcol group, will play an important role in supporting the commercialization and data collection of tilapia performance delivered to the Colombian industry. “We have no doubt that tilapia will follow a similar path as poultry, where genetics, innovation and distribution, carried out by highly specialized companies are transforming the industry year-over-year. This allows higher efficiencies in production and sharing best practice methods,” said German Galvis, Managing Director of Agroavícola Sanmarino.

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