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Each fellow will be offered to join the academy advisory council to steer the direction of the learning facility.

Each fellow will be coached and resourced to enable their training material to be added to the academy curriculum for online student access.

Each fellow will share in the revenue receipted from the student enrolments or any sponsorship arrangements.

This is a five-year program, with each certified fellow will have a faculty status as a Fellow of the academy after the five-year program concludes.

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The interns will also be active in the engagement with special interest communities throughout the academy as well as being invited to assist with events, webinars and podcasts throughout the year.

The intern roles have small payment opportunities based on experience, availabilities and contributions.

The academy is looking for candidates that are looking to take an active role in the education and training areas related to the seafood industry.

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Five scholarships are being provided by the Association of International Seafood Professionals will certify that the students are of good character and are motivated to learn and contribute to the greater seafood community around the world.

The academy is looking for people that are currently studying, looking to study or have recently completed studies in the seafood sector.

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