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24 April 2017

New WAS President Guillaume Drillet: " is about engaging people and supporting the transfer of information.."

Written by Guillaume Drillet, Posted in Fish Net Blog

New WAS President Guillaume Drillet:

I have to admit that I am very happy to be able to serve WAS and the APA chapter in particular; Asia has been my home for 7 years now, my Mom herself is born in Phnom Penh; it is a family circle back to ground zero!

I have always been very active in taking responsibilities in societies and association in general. In the recent years, I have taken two big challenges, the WAS-APC and the GloBal TestNet and this keeps me very enthusiastic and busy. I love structuring, organizing and helping people to get something extra. I believe this is what WAS is about. 

12 April 2017

The facilities at the National Aquaculture Group were phenomenal. World class.

Written by Nancy O'Mallon, Posted in Fish Net Blog

The facilities at the National Aquaculture Group were phenomenal. World class.

I was invited to go there to facilitate at a workshop that was being organized by the Saudi Arabian Aquaculture Society. It was held at the The National Aquaculture Group headquarters, which is situated about 200 kilometers south of Jeddah alongside the Red Sea. Aquaculture and seafood consumption have become important issues for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because the King of Saudi Arabia has created a 2030 vision where He sees the Kingdom producing 630,000 tons of aquaculture products by 2030. So the idea of running the workshop was to engage and get some ideas about how this could all happen. Obviously increasing seafood consumption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a key to building the industry.

28 March 2017

Honest Traders Impacted by Lack of Vision & Communication

Written by Todd Wendt, Posted in Fish Net Blog

Honest Traders Impacted by Lack of Vision & Communication

The number one influence my grandfather, father and uncle have had upon me is honesty. To them as well as to myself honesty is very important. Honesty has built trust in my relationships with our suppliers and customers. It is the foundation of Seatech Corporation.

14 March 2017

"We farm this fish because we must – we feel compelled to do so..."

Written by Neil Sims, Posted in Fish Net Blog

I grew up on the East Coast of Australia, about one and a half stone-throws from the beach. I was always fascinated by biology – I had an ant farm and a butterfly collection - and I had uncles that owned farms out West, raising cattle, sheep, wheat and sunflowers. I loved the water – surfing and swimming and fishing in the ocean - and marine biology was a natural calling. 

09 March 2017

'Turning Plastic to Gold - The Plastic Bank and David Katz'

Written by David Katz, Posted in Fish Net Blog

Logo With ShadowThe growth of this project is remarkable and we are engaged globally. We started in Peru and grew from what we needed to learn. We are now fully executing in Haiti as well the Philippines with immediate plans to go into Indonesia. We get calls from around the world; the need is global. 

27 February 2017

Exactly what are Fishy Filaments?

Written by Ian Falconer, Posted in Fish Net Blog

Exactly what are Fishy Filaments?

Your product, made from recycled fishing nets is unique and pioneering, is anyone else doing this?

What you will find is that adidas is working with an NGO called Parley on the west coast of the states and have done a demo with some used fishing nets. What they did was they collected some nets and they've done a demo run and with adidas they've produced some sneakers. Those sneakers have been sold at $7,000 a pair. It's not an economic model. It's a PR demo. I'm not doing demos. I'm trying to make a genuine business. It's embedded in the local community that takes waste from local sources and employs local people and then exports a finished product. 

21 February 2017

Aquaculture America 2017

Written by Roy Palmer, Posted in Fish Net Blog

San Antonio Marriott River Center SAN ANTONIO 19-22 FEBRUARY

Aquaculture America 2017

Association of International Seafood Professionals is playing a role at Aquaculture America through the organization of two sessions. One to do with Research and the other with Seafood Promotion and both take place in the afternoon of Wednesday 22 February.

17 February 2017

Aquaculture America 2017 Presenter: Nancy Peterson

Written by Nancy Peterson, Posted in Fish Net Blog

Aquaculture America 2017 Presenter: Nancy Peterson

How and where did you first start working in seafood industries?

After completing my MBA I networked with a fellow Babson graduate who had taken a position the previous year at Gorton’s in Gloucester MA. He said great things about the company and it seemed a great place to start my marketing career. Honestly my focus was not so much on seafood back then, but that quickly changed!

14 February 2017

Aquaculture America 2017 Presenter: Dr. Ralston on Ocean Fish and Selenium

Written by Dr. Nick Ralston, Posted in Preview, Fish Net Blog

As a Biomedical Research Scientist, how and when did you first become interested in looking at seafood?

I was working with the Human Nutrition Research Center which studies selenium physiology and became aware of how important selenium is in brain studies. Along the way I found out that Mercury had a very high binding affinity for selenium. And pretty much the way mercury toxicity causes its problems and the things we'd expect to see if they were interfering with selenium, all lined up pretty much immediately. This was back in about 2001.

08 February 2017

Love Fish? LoveTheWild

Written by Christy Brouker, Posted in Preview, Fish Net Blog

Will you please share with us how LoveTheWild came to be?

Jacqueline and I started the company in 2014; with a mission to change the way Americans eat fish, as well as change the way they think about farmed fish. Research in the US shows that we don’t eat enough fish here (USDA recommends two 4-6 oz. portions per week, per person), and we believe that’s because people are intimidated by fish, including how to cook it, knowing what’s sustainable, knowing what’s healthy, and more. We wanted to take the guesswork out of fish, what to flavor it with, and what species to trust from a sustainability and health perspective. Fish is the most resource-efficient animal protein on the planet, and there are many reasons to eat more of it—global food security, human health, environmental sustainability, etc.—we wanted to provide a product that was a no-brainer way to get people to do just that. 

01 February 2017

What Everybody Ought to Know About Plastic

Posted in Preview, Hamilton Articles, Fish Net Blog

There are not many places to turn without seeing plastic.  It is literally everywhere and unfortunately in our oceans.  I took a trip to New York recently where I was invited to be a part of Wildlife Conservation Film Festival’s screening event of A Plastic Ocean in Brooklyn, NY. 

Plastic has become such a big part of our lives and we hardly know its effects.  Films like Craig Leeson’s were 7 years in the making but are right on time and a big eye opener.  One key takeaway after the film was that we are really far away from change but at the same time we are very close.  Let me explain.

23 January 2017

Can Seafood be Packaged Sustainably?

Written by Meg Morris, Posted in Meg Morris, Fish Net Blog, Blog Authors

Can Seafood be Packaged Sustainably?

Meg Morris has been in the business of recycling for nearly 30 years and is the 2016 recipient of the National Recycling Coalition’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She spoke about her work with Nancy O'Mallon recently:

17 January 2017

Roy Palmer on Mexico, Rotterdam, AISP and Soccer

Written by Nancy O'Mallon, Posted in Nancy O'Mallon, Fish Net Blog

Roy Palmer on Mexico, Rotterdam, AISP and Soccer

What do you do?

I’m heavily involved in the seafood industry and have been since 1972. I do a number of different aspects; I’ve got my own family company involved in training and consultancy. But for the last few years my main emphasis has been on establishing the Association ofInternational Seafood Professionals, which is a global seafood association community. And Aquaculture without Frontiers, which is a charity, based in the USA, Australia and now Latin America.

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