Christy Brouker

Christy Brouker

Christy Brouker, COO and Co-Founder of LoveTheWild Coming from a background in tech start-ups and food/natural products writing, the next natural step for Christy was, of course, fish. Graduating from the University of Oregon with a background in Sociology, Spanish, and Business, she moved to Colorado and fell in love with the startup culture of Boulder. With a love of all things water, serious "get things done" chops, and a drive to have a positive impact on the world, Christy is a natural fit as COO and Co-Founder of LoveTheWild. 

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08 February 2017

Love Fish? LoveTheWild

Written by Christy Brouker, Posted in Preview, Fish Net Blog

Will you please share with us how LoveTheWild came to be?

Jacqueline and I started the company in 2014; with a mission to change the way Americans eat fish, as well as change the way they think about farmed fish. Research in the US shows that we don’t eat enough fish here (USDA recommends two 4-6 oz. portions per week, per person), and we believe that’s because people are intimidated by fish, including how to cook it, knowing what’s sustainable, knowing what’s healthy, and more. We wanted to take the guesswork out of fish, what to flavor it with, and what species to trust from a sustainability and health perspective. Fish is the most resource-efficient animal protein on the planet, and there are many reasons to eat more of it—global food security, human health, environmental sustainability, etc.—we wanted to provide a product that was a no-brainer way to get people to do just that.
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