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Hook, Line & Sinker (1)

Welcome to our wine specialist, Michael Hince, who will provide some inspiration to align with our fine seafood.

Seafood and wine – perfection personified!


Welcome to Hook Wine & Sinker the first of series of regular, informal and hopefully entertaining blogs about seafood and wine – a match made in heaven but very much enjoyed on earth no matter where you are, north or south of the equator.

My name is Michael Hince a wine buff from down under in Australia where we are blessed with a vast coastline and an abundance of delectable seafood and fine wines, both of which I’m hooked on, no matter the time of day or season of the year.

The aim of Hook Wine & Sinker is to help you enjoy and savour your seafood to the max by pairing it with some wonderful wines from around the world.

So, no matter if you are already into wine, or have yet to discover just how well it goes with your favourite fish or crustaceans – let me take you on a fun, adventurous journey from the oceans, lakes and rivers to the land of the wine vine.

As you already know your seafood, maybe you can teach me how to make the most of the fish on my plate, while in return, I can introduce you so some of my favourite vino? And, together we will have some fun along the way.

I will be chatting to fish folk and wine warriors worldwide including chefs, home cooks, restaurateurs and professional and recreational fishers – or pretty much anyone and everyone who loves seafood and wine. And maybe a few who have yet cast their net, catch a wave or wander through a vineyard.

Let’s face it – who does not like seafood?  

Be it humble fish ‘n chips, a succulent seafood platter, a solitary sole, a fillet of flake, a tantalizing turbot or trevally, a luscious lobster – or some sublime sashimi and sushi.

And is there anyone out there who does not enjoy wine?  – I doubt it.

Hook Wine & Sinker will show you a fun wine to go with all the above and more. So, prime your palate, get your gastric juices flowing and let’s plunge deep into the world of all things fish and most things wine, and best of all enjoy ourselves along the way.

Where to begin?

The links between ocean’s bounty and wine from the vine go back a long way, we have been tucking into fish for about 40,000 years, albeit fresh water fish in East Asia – and, believe it or not, the earliest  records of wine produced from grapes date back about 7,000 BC in China, and 1,000 years later in Georgia.

In some cultures, wine was thought to have mystical properties. In others it was both medicinal and an aphrodisiac – and wine and food, including fish, played an essential part in social, ceremonial and religious traditions in ancient times.

As recently as the mid-twentieth century wine was regarded as a both a tonic and a medicine, even during prohibition in America during the 1920s and early 1930s.

The origins of the ‘modern’ wine bottle date back to 1714, and that wine and fish are a perfect match is reflected in the various fish-shaped glass wine bottles in use today.

Lastly, there are approximately 33,600 fish species in the world; as for wine, there are 1,368 vine grape varieties that go into making commercial wine – so somewhere in this myriad of bountiful choice there’s some seafood and wine combinations that are perfect for you.

Let’s discover a wine that will make your seafood zing while I start salivating in anticipation of some seafood that will make my wine sing!

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