Ron Calonica

Ron Calonica

Ron Calonica has conducted business internationally for over 40 years, building strong business relationships and alliances worldwide. In 1984, he traveled to China with the Reagan administration during the signing of the Tax Treaty to avoid double taxation of American companies and citizens working in China. A consummate professional his area of focus includes: start-up operations, business development, strategic planning, channel development, sales, MARCOM, advertising and logistics. In 1993 he launched a Mexican Seafood Co and has said that owning and operating his own company helped him acquire the skills needed to achieve his goals to learn about the seafood industry. Ron possesses a deep knowledge of procurement, supply chain, sales operations, and manufacturing production across the value chain. His extensive international food experience combines with expertise in consumer trends and value metrics, financial analysis and reporting to produce innovative product strategies that drive exceptional performance improvements. (Six Sigma)

His involvement in food safety began 13 years ago when he joined a team of food safety experts developing new technologies to ensure safer food. From 2007-2008 he field-tested organic antimicrobials’ in Mexico on seafood, pork, poultry, meats, produce, and dairies and ran tests for the HRI industry to evaluate and seek out better ways to control pathogen outbreaks by integrating affordable organic antimicrobial solutions. He supervised top bio-chemical food engineers and microbiologists during all onsite field-testing, which provided the necessary data and information needed to analyze and complete his research. Further, to test and prove how significantly their organic antimicrobials helped solve food safety problems while increasing and speeding up production, he worked with fish hatcheries grow-out ponds with tilapia, shrimp, and 2 of Mexico's largest tuna processing plants. He demonstrated excellent on-site results, accumulating valuable data that proved their theories were both correct and accurate.

Comprehensively associated with all major participants in the seafood/protein and retail sides of food service procurement and distribution, Ron has personally helped several successful traceability companies around food safety and sustainability.
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