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Roy Palmer
Executive Director

I entered the seafood industry in 1972 and since then I have traveled extensively gaining an understanding of global issues relevant to seafood.
Qualified trainer with seafood qualifications and consultant; I work for a number of organisations through my consultancy and write for a number of magazines, etc.

Roy Palmer

30 July 2016

Launching ASIP

Launching ASIP

It is now 5 years since I started a LinkedIn Group called ‘Association of International Seafood Professionals’ and during that time it has gathered momentum and I have been joined by others who share a similar vision. Hence it is with enormous pleasure and a great deal of hope that you will see the launch of the Association as a new beginning as we try to bring the global seafood community together in a way it has never seen.

The world is in crisis….let there be no doubt about that!

We are growing at a pace that is putting extreme demands on the planet we live. Hardly a day goes by without some form of horrific violence hitting our TV screens. Media of all types, including social, has opened all sorts of doors that we did not even know about and has impacted life as we knew it. The world is an ever-changing place and our industry needs to move with the times – standing still is not an option……

Recently WorldFish promoted Fisheries and aquaculture in the developing world: A research agenda for the next decade – Stephen J Hall and at the end it mentioned System Leadership with this quote -

“We face a host of systemic challenges beyond the reach of existing institutions and their hierarchical authority structures. … At no time in history have we needed system leaders more.” Senge et al, 2014

AISP, we believe, is laying claim to being a system leader and what we are keen to do is ensure that we are engaging YOU along the journey.

Like all organisations, we have some short term goals and some long term goals. What we do want to promote with you is that our overall aim is to build a SEAFOOD COMMUNITY like no other which offers free membership for individuals.

There are other forms of membership but we are of the belief that we do not want to put barriers in the path of creating this important community and what is more is that the basic membership will always be free!

You will need to log in and become a member and during that process you can view all the forms of membership.

Seafood is the most popular food commodity traded in the world, with fish topping the traded food / beverage commodity list in 2013 with a whopping $130bn, followed by soybeans and wheat, while coffee was the most traded beverage. Yet few people seem to know that and additionally seafood is underplayed in many areas including food security, nutrition, job creation and sustainable production. It is not a well-understood product and we need to change that.

With the world being 72 per cent water I wonder why we called our planet Earth; had we had called it Ocean would seafood be better placed?
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