Sustainable Development

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Human Rights

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development, Human Rights and Environment Justice - wherever you are in the world today the pace of change has heightened and what's very clear is that long-standing traditions are being challenged. There are no guarantees of ‘jobs for life’ and we are fully interconnected with the concepts of sustainable development , resiliency, human rights, and environmental justice. These have yet to be fully incorporated into the core knowledge and value base of global seafood industry education and practice.

Our industry needs to acknowledge the severity of both the environmental and human rights crisis facing the world and agree on ways to move forward. We will be pursuing a policy of enhancing environmental justice and human rights given the extensive inequity in living and working conditions across the world. We see the seafood industry as a leader rather than a follower and the industry must be prepared. This is especially for our younger people, for effective practice at the global level.  such that, while still advocating for the environmental human rights of all people, it can also actively advocate for the environment through sustainable development activities.

While advocating for environmental human rights of all people, our work is especially relevant for our young people at the global level. 

Our industry understands that the Earth’s resources are finite and we need a safe, clean environment in order to create long-term sustainable development.

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