Anaïs Radonich Galvin

Anaïs Radonich Galvin

Her passion and commitment for food and wine began when Anaïs was introduced to Farm to Table restaurant in 1995. There she was captivated by the process and devotion given to the cuisine and how it arrived at the table. She had the great fortune of working directly with the farmers, chefs, vineyards and families whose collective dedication to the quality of the food and wine were the true driving force behind such places as Chez Panisse, Quince, and A16. 

With a deep desire to expand this philosophy past dining room doors and to bring a greater awareness to the food and wine industry overall, in 2009, as a voice for food and wine Anaïs founded Farm + Cellar. With the understanding that media and education is only one element of change, Anaïs knew that creating a community and partnership of like-minded people would allow for even greater impact. Through its compelling, authentic videos featuring stories of families, culture and traditions, Farm + Cellar content advances awareness and as a result increases support and growth for small producers, farmers, and individuals committed to sustainable, nourishing food. Visit to view samples of her work.

Earth Twine is the natural fit and next step in her contributions to a more healthful food system through transparency and education. Anaïs works part-time as a corporate pilot, is an avid skier and hiker, and spends much of her time in Lake Tahoe.

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12 December 2016

I Am Standing Up for ... Fisherman

Written by Anaïs Radonich Galvin, Posted in Fish Net Blog

I Am Standing Up for ... Fisherman

I am writing this on UN Human Rights Day 2016 and this year’s theme is ‘to stand up for the rights of someone’ so reflecting on our industry I wish to make a case that we need to do something for the fishermen/women of the world.

I doubt that many of us give any thought that when we tuck into a great meal of seafood that about 24,000 people die each year whilst plying their trade as fisher-folk. In fact things are so bad that we do not really know the exact number that perish and that, in itself, is an indictment on us all.
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