Antonio Garza de Yta

Antonio Garza de Yta

PhD from Auburn University in Alabama, Aquaculture Centre of Excellence in the United States and recognized as the best university in the world in aquaculture by the Chinese government. Named best student of his generation in both master and doctorate from that institution, where distributed chair in the fields of culture and Mollusks Shellfish Water Quality and besides Dr. Claude E. Boyd, known as the father of aquaculture modern. Aquaculture expert and consultant for the FAO (United Nations Organization for Agriculture and Food).

Specialist in strategic planning. Former Director of Outreach and International Training at the University of Auburn. Creator of Certification for Professionals in Aquaculture (CAP Program for its acronym in English), globally recognized standard ( ) for the qualification of specialists in the field. Founder of the Global Initiative for Life and Leadership through Fishery producer (GILLS for its acronym in English), an international organization dedicated to promoting the consumption of seafood worldwide and its health benefits ( www.gillseafood .com ).

He has advised the World Bank in aquaculture in Latin America. He gave his advice as an expert in the field in Mexico, India, Spain, Ecuador and the United States. He has conducted training workshops in Mexico, Chile, China, India, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Thailand and Australia among others. He has lectured on various topics concerning aquaculture in more than 25 countries Advised, designed and coordinated the construction of laboratories and farms in several countries and pioneering systems designed for multiple uses of water and agriculture-aquaculture integrated systems.

He has published in scientific and trade journals and regularly writes articles for the magazine The Practical-Asian Aquaculture, magazine largest commercial distribution in Asia. He is currently Director General of Planning, Programming, and Evaluation of the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries (CONAPESCA) in Mexico, where he is responsible for the area of planning, statistics, international affairs and strategic programs; where he coordinated the creation National Programme for Fisheries and Aquaculture of the country.
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