Australian Seafood Summit

The Australian Seafood Summit will take place at Foodservice Australia on Sunday 17 May 2020. The conference is organised by the Association of International Seafood Professionals (AISP), and will have a global approach focusing on all aspects of seafood. 

 “Seafood is not only nutritious and an essential ingredient in a healthy diet but it is the world’s most traded food,” says AISP Executive Director Roy Palmer. “This is a unique opportunity to learn and share ideas and concepts about best practice in all aspects of the seafood supply chain from ocean to plate.”   

The Summit will cover topics including foodservice trends in seafood, food safety, sustainability and supply issues, plus profitable and innovative ways to include fish on the menu.

 We will be hearing from seafood experts from Australia, New Zealand and further afield, who will discuss the trends, issues and challenges facing the industry today. It will also give valuable insights to foodservice professionals on where supplies will be coming from, modern day flavouring issues and increasing seafood consumption.

Australian Seafood Summit: 

When: 9am–5pm on Sunday 17 May 2020

Where: ICC Sydney, running in conjunction with Foodservice Australia

Tickets: $249 or $99 for AISP members, includes lunch and entry to Foodservice Australia.

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1st Global Conference On Rural Aquaculture


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La Acuacultura Rural ofrece una oportunidad en la búsqueda de la Seguridad Alimentaria, sin embargo, uno de los principales retos es el incremento de la producción. El objetivo es incrementar la disponibilidad de alimento y todo lo que conlleva su producción y comercialización, generando derrama económica en lugares que normalmente son de alta y muy alta marginalidad. De igual manera, es necesario promover cultivos con bajos costos de producción e identificar las regiones en donde se puedan llevar a cabo, donde los productores que actualmente realizan la actividad tengan oportunidades para incrementar su producción e iniciar ciclos económicos rentables y sostenibles.

Rural Aquaculture offers an opportunity in the search for Food Security, however, one of the main challenges is the increase in production. The objective is to increase the availability of food and everything that involves its production and commercialization through dedicated value chains, generating positive economic outcomes in places that are normally of high and very high marginality. In the same way, it is necessary to promote crops with low production costs and identify the regions where they can be carried out, where the producers who currently carry out the activity have opportunities to increase their production and have the means to start profitable and sustainable economic cycles.

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