Who We Are

The Association of International Seafood Professionals is a diverse team of forward-thinking seafood industry veterans, food safety experts, technology innovators, and other key stakeholders. As a commitment to continued education surrounding global issues and solutions, we disseminate knowledge about seafood and associated products to promote the expansion of advanced fish research, development, human rights, and industry standards.

top2The AISP network promotes the exchange of ideas and information and fosters interaction, understanding and professional collaboration among and between individuals, organizations, and governments.

Our goal is to maximise the opportunities for all in seafood, fishing, and aquaculture through collaboration and cooperation. We welcome all organisations, associations, and individual seafood professionals. Associations are welcome to join as organisations enabling their members to obtain the benefits we are initiating.

Our aim is to bring the global seafood community together to define a comprehensive agenda created by the seafood industry community members. There is much to be gained by working together — we can grow and improve by learning from nature.

Statement of Need

Working in partnership with industry leaders Earth Twine recognizes there is an immediate need to ensure the quality of seafood and its safety through establishing international standards and open interoperable technology systems. In a globalized world economy, the seafood industry needs to become empowered, connected and compliant.

Simultaneously, the internet is advancing itself into a completely new phase to include the Internet of Things  to facilitate peer-to-peer collaborations and redefining business, economies, workflow, and inclusiveness for all humanity.

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AISP is a Professional Association representing all individuals from all sectors of the global seafood industry.

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