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A successful future for the seafood industry requires a collaborative approach.

top2We recognize that global seafood industries are as transitional as its regulatory requirements, practices, and trends. We disseminate knowledge about seafood and promote the advancement of fish research, development, extension, and education. It's through this sharing of collective knowledge about fish and seafood that AISP enables interaction, understanding, and much-needed seafood community collaboration that will lead to a professionally accredited industry.

An essential product for the health of human beings seafood is the most traded food commodity in the world and is a critical element for many underdeveloped countries for food security. Food Safety, Environmental Sustainability, Trade Barriers, Human Rights, and Fraud are a few of the many issues we face as we move forward. AISP is partnered and collaborating with numerous organizations and governments to promote the exchange of ideas and information and foster interaction, understanding and professional collaboration among individuals.

We hope you will join and work with us.
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AISP is a Professional Association representing all individuals from all sectors of the global seafood industry.

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